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Bletchingdon Road, Islip

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For urgent medical care outside normal surgery hours (between 6.30pm and 8.00am Monday to Friday) or weekends and bank holidays.

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Latest News from the Practice

Viewing your medical records

This practice is now using the Patient Access Medical Record Viewer, an online system which enables you to view your medical record using a personal computer, or other device, and the internet. The Patient Access Medical Record Viewer is a website that enables you to view the information that the practice holds about you easily and quickly. It includes the following facilities:

  • blue information buttons beside the names of medications, medical problems and test results, which you can click to access easy-to-understand and accurate information tailored to your specific medical problems and test results;
  • patient information leaflets, including links to the websites of national patient organisations such as Asthma UK and Diabetes UK, where you can find further useful information.

To be able to use the Patient Access Medical Record Viewer you need a PC or other device with a web browser such as Internet Explorer (version 6 or later), Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome, along with a connection to the internet. Before you can start to use the system you must also register with the practice and sign a consent form. This should be handed into reception. Before you sign the consent form, you should make sure that you understand:

  • what the system does;
  • what your responsibilities are;
  • how your data is stored.

We feel that it is important that you can access your record not just to see what information it contains about you, but also to learn more about what the information means and thus help you to be more in control of your care. For those with poor vision there are facilities at the top right-hand side of the screen to allow you to change the size and colour of the text in order to make it easier to read.

You can view the following areas of your medical record:

  • A summary of the most important and recent entries in your record, including allergies, diagnoses, investigations, procedures, vaccinations, medication and test results. Click the blue information buttons to access further information.
  • Records of consultations, including the date, the practitioner you saw, the reason for the visit, details of examinations and investigations, etc. You may only be able to see information recorded after a certain date. This is because the practice wants to make sure that you cannot view third party information (information provided by someone else), which you do not have a legal right to see. It is very unlikely that your record contains such information, but the practice has to put procedures in place to safeguard both you and third parties against this risk.
  • Letters to and from your GP. Letters available may also be restricted by date.