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  If you are a registered patient at islip Medical Practice, we would like to invite you to join our Virtual Patient Participation Group (VPPG).  The aim of our group is to develop a dialogue between group member and the practice in order to work together to improve our services and provide the best possible care to our patients.  To make it possible for members to be a part of this group and to fit in with people's busy lives the group is conducted by email.  You will periodically receive an email asking you to take part in anonymous surveys about some aspects of services that we provide together with the facilities we offer.  The results will be published online with our annual PPG report and we will meet face to face annually:- NEXT MEETING THURSDAY 3RD DECEMBER 1-2PM AT THE PRACTICE (please let us know if you are planning to attend).  Membership of the VPPG is open to all patients aged 16 and above.  We are keen to get as broad a representation of our patients as possible and are therefore keen to attract patients from all age ranges.  Please speak to our Practice Manager, Beverley Turner for more information or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


prgIslip Medical Practice formed its Patient Participation Group in 2005. Initially people with particular interests were invited to attend. The group began with 12 members and our numbers have tended to fluctuate over the years. Meetings have been held twice yearly and were chaired in rotation by each partner in the practice. In 2011 we decided to re-launch the group and offer a virtual patient reference group. A text message was sent to all patients who have provided us with a mobile telephone number inviting them to join an on line patient reference group (VRG). The initial response was very encouraging and around 230 patients expressed an interest to participate (including those who had responded via leaflet/letter).

In an effort ensure fair representation we randomly selected a further 50 patients across all categories who were not otherwise included and wrote inviting them to participate.

Furthermore, we produced a poster in reception to advertise together with invitation leaflets which were distributed through reception. We continue to use our practice newsletter to keep patients informed and invite them to join. We are always delighted to welcome new members to the group and you can find contact information and the answers to some frequently asked questions here.  We are very pleased to report that Claire Tasker and Geoffrey Mills have been appointed Islip Patient Group Representatives.  If you would like to contact them, please let us know and we will inform them.

PRG Survey and Report 2011-12

In October 2011 we emailed all 250 contacts the results of our GP patient survey dated April 2010-March 2011 inviting them to offer any views, feedback or suggestions they felt would help us to improve our services. All email responses were collated for consideration. From the responses we were able to prioritise the views expressed and take the majority forward into a practice survey via Survey Monkey. The following areas were identified.

  • Insufficient information being received from Practice Nurses.
  • What format would further information from Practice Nurses be preferred?
  • Awareness of text messaging service/appointment reminders.
  • On line access to medical records.
  • Access to GP telephone consultations.
  • Confidentiality of reception and dispensary area.
  • Practice Website.

PRG Survey and Report 2012-13

In the light of these findings, and taking into account comments on car park access and the music in the waiting room, we have, over recent months, conducted a follow-up survey, containing eight questions and encouraging other free text comments. The survey was then emailed to our 210 PRG members and 50 paper copies were handed out to patients via reception. We received 126 replies, 76 by email and 50 paper copies, and these reponses can be viewed here. The overwhelming majority of responses rated their overall experience of the practice as exceptional or very good. 

In February 2013, we emailed the PRG asking them for feedback following the survey, and have also sought feedback via the website and in the waiting room. To date, we have had nineteen comments and suggestions.

Our proposed action plan, in light of the review, is summarised below. A full copy of the report can be found here.

Accessing medical records on line Over a third of those surveyed were aware of this service. We will continue to advertise it to the PRG, on the website and in the next newsletter.
Verbal advice from nurses Our survey suggested that patients would like more verbal advice from our practice nurses. We have added some prompts to our clinical templates to remind our nurses about this. We have also introduced additional training for our new nurse to encourage this.
Telephone consultations We have changed our clinical system and have introduced specific slots for booking telephone consultations with doctors and nurses. We included a feature in our last newsletter in November offering this improved service.
Feedback re new website We propose to add more of the information suggested by the survey: more clinical information, organisational features, a news area and links. We will continue to seek feedback (eg. through the newsletter) as more people use the new website.
Car parking Despite our fears that other users might be causing our own patients difficulties, this did not seem to be a major concern. We will continue to observe the use of car park spaces and keep this under review. We will also advertise in the waiting room that patients with pre-school children may park their car so as to occupy two spaces, thus allowing more space to get the children in and out of their car seats. 
Radio playing music in waiting room Most respondents liked this. We will continue to monitor the volume of the radio in the waiting room and also try Classic FM rather that Radio 2, following suggestions from two patients.


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