PML GP Federation

GP Practices in Oxfordshire are now working together as part of the PML GP Federation.This is a new way of working for GPs and it was created to enhance the delivery of health and care services for the people in our area. Islip Medical Practice is part of the North East Oxfordshire “OneMed Group”, with 9 other practices in Bicester, Kidlington and Woodstock.

Early Visiting Service

The Early visiting Service (EVS) is made up of a team of emergency care clinicians who will work closely with GP practices to provide urgent same day home visits to houseboundpatients. The aim is to provide visits earlier in the day than the GP may be able to arrange toallow earlier support for patients. This should give GPs additional time to see their chronic routine, more complex patients.

Kidlington Access Hubs

The Kidlington Access Hub provides same-day urgent GP appointments to help patients get treatment on that day, if they feel that is required. This service helps GP practices meet the increasing demand for urgent appointments. This eases pressure on GPs and enables GPs to spend more time for planned care for more complex ongoing problems. There is a similar service in Bicester for Bicester practices. This hub is not a ‘walk in centre’ – you must be referred by your own GP practice for an appointment, so it is important to ring Islip as usual, early in the morning, if you feel you need to be seen that day. The service is run by local GPs and they have full access to your medical notes, with the same level of confidentiality as your own GP. A full report is sent back to Islip following any consultation at the hub.

Routine appointments are very much still available at Islip for ongoing problems, usually with just a 3-5 day wait to see a GP at Islip. We hope to be able to offer even more routine appointments if more patients seeking same day urgent appointments can be seen at the Hub in Kidlington, so we hope that our patients will support this. We are very pleased with the service so far and have had excellent feedback from patients seen there. As you may have read in the press general practice is under increasing stress due to the increasing needs of an elderly population with complex health problems, and anything that can give us more time for those that really need continuity of care is a real bonus.