Changes at Islip Medical Practice

At the end of September Dr Tranter will be retiring after 31 years working at Islip. She is moving to spend more time with her husband (who is living and working in East Sussex) and to enjoy a little rest! She will pop up occasionally in the area as she maintains her connections with musical theatre in Oxford.  The practice welcomes Dr Elle Motion who will be looking after the majority of Dr Tranter’s patients. Dr Motion has already spent some time at the practice while Dr Fletcher was on maternity leave and has been working on Mondays for us since April so she has already made her mark. We are pleased she has decided to see more of us.

A message from Dr Tranter

“In the last 30 years general practice has changed so much. When I started at Islip visits were requested by flagging down the doctor’s car, there were no computers (we were one of the first practices to start using them ), I was on call overnight one night in three (and dreading the middle of the night phone call that would wake my young daughter as well as myself) and we were squashed into a lovely but small building. Since then the number of patients has risen by 30%, the number of doctors and nurses sessions by 40% , and the number of patient consultations by over 300%.. We now have not only nurses, but health care assistants, pharmacists, physios, MIND workers and social prescribers to help you.

General practice at Islip has survived through changes in government and health policy, and more recently through the pandemic. We have been able to keep going because we support each other, and our patients have supported us. As a team we have been hugely grateful for the messages of thanks we have received, and for your understanding as the pressure on us increases (at times exponentially!) I know that the team is focussed on providing the best possible care amid all the current restraints and that I can only hope that wherever I register myself as a patient in the future will have the same ethos.

I would like to say thank you to all the patients who have brightened my days, made me laugh, allowed me to share some privileged moments at the beginning and end of life, (and everything in between) , who have shown me how life can be lived to the full even when an illness is overwhelming and  who have taught me to listen. I will miss you all.

If you were thinking of donating money towards a present for Dr Tranter she has asked that donations instead go to Medecins sans Frontieres (Doctors without borders).”